In the night summer sky

Sparred with a million glints of light

I look to the grand majesty of life

Why like ourselves, they must be souls

beholding mysteries in heavenly scrolls

a silent witness to the tale, as it unfolds

As I stare in admiration

at the vastness of existence

I smile at the universe

singing to a note of persistence

As a child I believed when I die

my soul shall become a star in the night sky

with time I leant my lesson and tonight I’ve come to realise

that Death has no meaning

I am immortal, aren’t I ?

The body is what feels

The body is what sees

The body is the witness

as the wind caresses trees

  Yes, the body bears the pain

bears an identity, keeps a name

Yet, ‘I’ Am the living

and live forever I shall again

I am the sand under you feet

I am the air you breathe

I am the river, and the mountain

I am the fire that lights your surrounding

I am the thunder on the horizon

I am the cloud that may hide the sun

I am the Earth and the Universe

I am both and we are one.